**** Hello KWES Family,

I miss all of you kiddos and hope you are staying healthy. If you go to documents or useful link buttons to the left, you will find our activity tracker that you can use as you do exercise at home over the next weeks as well as other resources. There are also pictures of our Daily Exercises, videos of FitnessGram tests so that 4th and 5th graders can practice and if you click the link below, there are lots of activities to stay active at home.


Also, think about all of the cool games and activities we have done this year. Many can be done at home with just a few friends, siblings or by yourself. Below is a list of games that you have learned and can possible play at home:

Basketball mini-golf
Jump rope
Tag using a soft tag stick or soft ball
Run and score soccer
Foosball Soccer
Homerun kickball or Kickball basketball
Norwegian Ball
Skeeball Throw and Catch

Show off those tumbling positions ( Pike, Tuck, Squat, Straight)
Jump Rope
Treeball kicking game
Tag using a soft tag stick or soft ball ( pool noodles work great)
Balance challenges ( if you don't have bean bags, use small stuffed animals)
Locomotor skills - skip, gallop, walk, fire drill walk, slide, crab walk, bear crawl)
Bounce and catch/ toss and catch balls
Farmers and Turkeys game ( old school red rover )
Dance ( youtube The Sid Shuffle)
Hula hoop if you have one available

*****Parents I have added a "Year At A Glance" for each separate grade level under the documents section. This will show the standards we have completed along with the lesson units. As of the last date of school, K-2nd grade had just started the kicking unit. 3-5 had not begun the striking unit or completed the final FitnessGram testing. I designed the years schedule to have all skills done by April this playing lots of games where we spiral back to all of the skills and use higher order thinking and strategies to play more complex games. Because of this, I am happy to say that all students were basically finished with skill development when the schools closed.

Mrs. Schaefer

Kyle Wilson Physical Education Mission


The Kyle Wilson Physical Education staff believes that each and every student can achieve excellence regardless of size, maturity, coordination, body type, or other physical capability. Our goal is to develop a child’s positive attitude towards physical education that will last a lifetime.


Everyone can be a HERO in Physical Education Class

  • Have proper apparel.
  • Effort and participation.
  • Respectful behavior
  • Outstanding sportsmanship


During P.E. class your child will be introduced to multiple skills and activities that will lead to a healthy lifestyle. In order for this to happen successfully, safety must be my first and most important job. All of the gym rules revolve around safety. Wearing sneakers is an important element in keeping everyone safe. 

                     (subject to change)



   K-2 3-5
Building a Foundation
Locomotor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Building a Foundation
Throwing + Catching Skills
 October Hoops and Ball Skills
Jog Across America
Throwing Skills Continue
Jog Across America
 November Parachute
Native American Centers
Thanksgiving Games
Kicking Skills and Games
Thanksgiving Games
 December Winter Games 
Dance Unit
Winter Games
Dance Unit
 January Bean Bag Manipulative Skills
Tumbling Skills
Mid-Year FitnessGram Testing
Dribbling/Basketball Skills
 February Jump Rope
Dr. Suess Relays
Jump Rope
Dribbling/Basketball Skills Continue
 March Kicking Skills
Throwing Skills
Striking Skills
 April-June Spiral Back Games Spiral Back Games
Final FitnessGram Testing

P.E. rules for success.....

  • Please wear sneakers to P.E. class. This is very important for safety. Students who do not wear the appropriate footwear will have an alternate activity to do safely on the mats. I will allow students to bring sneakers and change but, please make the change quicklyJ
  • If a student needs to miss PE for a medical reason, please send in a note addressed to Mrs. Schaefer. We need a start and end date on the note as well as any restrictions once students return to activity. *Students with a doctor’s note cannot return to play until released by the physician.
  • We will be going outside during nice weather. Please check the weather each morning and dress appropriately. During Fall and Spring allergy time, please send a note in to communicate any concerns or restrictions. If there is no note, students are required to participate.
  • 4th and 5th grade students will be participating in the FitnessGram fitness test. Pre-assessment will take place in September and final testing will start in April. Students should practice at home for the curl-up test and the push-up test. Try to do 15 curl-ups and 10 push-ups daily to increase core and upper body strength.
  • Students who need to use the bathroom are welcomed to do so if it is an emergency. My policy is that they will sit out until either myself or my assistant teacher can communicate to them anything that they missed while out of the room.
  • All head injuries will go to the nurse.
  • Students who request to see the nurse due to illness or injury will be sent immediately. If they return to class they will sit out of the rest of the activity to keep them safe.
  • FOR SAFETY-Running in the gym is not permitted due to the large numbers of students unless doing an activity that has only a handful of kids moving at one time.
  • Students are not to touch the Blue movable wall. Stay an arms length away from the wall at all times.

Jog Across America

Kyle Wilson ES is Jogging Across America

Children's Pool At La Jolla, here we come!

  • During the last week of each marking period, students will run, jog, walk or skip while wearing pedometers for a total of 15 minutes during PE class. Total miles will be calculated by our older students. Students will also have the ability to earn exercise miles at home by filling out an activity tracker form. (Go to my documents folder to print an Activity Tracker Form.)
  • Using a large map in the gym, students can visually follow their progress in an effort to get to our destination which is 2681 miles away.
  • Our destination this year is The Children’s Pool Beach at La Jolla California. The park is located in San Diego. 

March 2020

Thank you so much to all of the KWES families that donated to the Kids Heart Challenge. We raised over $10,500!!!
We celebrated the end of our donation drive with Wellness Night. It was a wonderful evening of dance, karate, personal training and speed/agility. A huge thank you goes out to all of our community groups that came to the event.

March brings basketball to grades 3-5. Skills will be taught followed by some of the students favorite basketball lead up games.

K-2nd grade will be tumbling, Celebrating Read Across America with Dr. Seuss Relays and those students will begin our kicking unit later in the month.

February 2020

 Jump Rope For Heart donation drive runs from Feb.3rd- Feb. 28th

By participating in Kids Heart Challenge, your child will raise funds to help kids with special hearts and make all communities healthier. They’ll also learn about taking care of their hearts and join in cardio-pumping challenges. Plus, your school can earn money for PE equipment and your child can earn fun thank-you gifts!

*************Thank you gifts will be delivered in Mid March!****************

 Steps to get started:

  • Download the Kids Heart Challenge APP or visit heart.org/KidsHeartChallenge to register.

     Ask your child to select a personal health challenge:

  • Set a fundraising goal with your child and send emails to invite friends and family to support it.

     Explore your Heart Hero Headquarters:

  • Use our Kids Heart Challenge app to bring our Heart Heroes to life using Augmented Reality!
  • Personalize your fundraising page with photos and by sharing why heart health is important to you!
  • Watch your and your school’s progress in reaching fundraising goals.
  • Track your progress on your daily challenge.
  • Play games, take Finn’s challenge and watch bonus videos on our Heart Heroes. New Name. New Mission.

 Kids Heart Challenge is the American Heart Association’s evolution of Jump Rope for Heart.* Our renewed focus is on children’s total wellness — including heart as well as social and emotional health. *Jump Rope for Heart was a joint program with SHAPE America. Homework with Heart © 2019, American Heart Association, Inc. All rights reserved. Kids Heart Challenge is a trademark of the


December 2019

It is the time of the year that we all like to eat lots of treats and yummy goodies. Remember that calories are energy. Students need to burn off all of that extra energy that they are eating during this festive season. In PE class we will be dancing our energy off in all grade levels while combining with the music classes. Ms. Pettit and Mrs. Schaefer worked together to come up with fun dances that keep everyone moving.

December also is a time to play some seasonal holiday games. These games require chasing and fleeing as well as incorporating gross motor exercise.

Finally, 3rd-5th grade students will be participating in the mid-year fitnessgram tests during the first week of January. Please encourage your student to practice their curl-ups, push-ups and flexibility over the long break. Exercise with them and make it a family event each day😊

November 2019

There are lots of days off in the month of November. This is a great time of year to get outside and play. When school is out, please don’t sit and watch TV. Playing is exercise so go outside and ride your bike, play tag or even help your family by raking leaves. As long as your heart rate rises, you are getting exercise 😊

This month all grade levels will enjoy some thanksgiving holiday games that incorporate skills we have mastered. Chasing and fleeing will be used during the game of Farmers And Turkeys is always a school favorite. Encore plans to also host a school wide Turkey Trot later this month.

3rd through 5th grade will continue to practice kicking skills and begin playing lead-up soccer games both inside and outside. Please dress appropriately for the weather.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade will finish the balls skills unit and begin our manipulative parachute unit. Kindergarten students will be getting to the end of the alphabet soon so their daily,” letter of the day” will change to a daily,” sight word of the day”. Integrating reading is important in the lower grades as kids can learn while playing.

 Welcome October

3rd through 5th Grade students have completed the FitnessGram Pre-Assessment test. PWCS and the State Of Virginia require all students in grades 4-10 to be assessed in the following:

Pacer Endurance Test

Curl-Up Abdominal Test

Push-Up Upper Body Strength Test

Backsaver Sit & Reach Flexibility Test

Students are encouraged to make scores in the Healthy Fitness zone set by the state.

As the KWES P.E. teachers we let students know that the HFZ is a goal BUT we know each student is a unique individual with different stregths and weaknesses. Our goal as teachers is to see students scores improve on their own personal level.

As October moves forward students will be learning throwing and catching skills as well as playing a variety of throwing and catching games. We will be going outside as much as possible so please have students dress appropriate for the weather.

Kindergarten-2nd grade has just finished Locomotor movement skills culminating in our favorite Swamp Monster scooter game.

October brings these students manipulative activities using Hula Hoops and ball skills.


Combination To Healthy Kids

9 hours of sleep

5 servings of fruits and vegetables

2 hours of screen time only

1 hour of physical activity

0 sugar in drinks