Mrs. Reyes 


Current Units of Study: Math - Patterns, Functions & Algebra Unit Language Arts - Poetry Science - Light & Sound  
Reading Practice  

Please make sure you are all reading nightly. 

*Benchmark - Login through Clever  - There are many books on here for you to access   

Scholastic Offering free accounts with activities   

SOL Pass - 5th Grade reading  

Flocabulary activities - Explore the website and see what you find  

Discovery Ed - Login through Clever Watch videos are interesting topics  

Epic Listen to a variety of stories online 


Math Practice 

Students should be practicing their math using IXL, Khan Academy and any other math websites that we use in math.   


Khan Academy  


SOL Pass 5th grade math 


Writing Practice 

Students can be practicing their writing in a variety of ways. 

Whatever you write do it on your student work page on OneNote, this way I can see it.  

Write poetry   

Write Narrative   

Create a story about this virus  

Include characters and monsters  

Write about all the crazy things that are happening   

Write Informative  

Document your time and what you are experiencing during this time 


Science Review 

SOL pass is a great place to view and study your science.  

SOL Pass – 5th & 4th Grade Science  

Think Central 

Daily Schedule
 8:50 - 9:00  Arrival                                
 9:00 - 9:45  Geography
 9:45 - 10:30   Encore
 10:30 - 11:15   Science **Snack**
 11:15 - 11:55 Core **Strings M/TR
12:00 - 12:50  Math
12:50 - 1:20 Lunch
1:20 - 1:50  Recess
1:50 - 3:30  Language Arts
3:30  Dismissal

Encore Schedule

Day 1: Music

Day 2: PE

Day 3: Art

Day 4: Math

Day 5: PE

Day 6: Library

Calendar of Events