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Happy Wednesday! Check back here to see updates on things students can do at home during this time. 

Stay Healthy! 

Meeting ID for Tuesday: 334-627-848


Updated March 29, 2020- Starting tomorrow (Monday, March 30), students will have access to  a total of 6 weeks of optional activities. These can be found under files and documents, at home learning. This is self-paced and optional. If you would like feedback, send me a picture or the completed work and I can send feedback directly to students. 

Starting Monday, March 30, I will have "office hours" via Zoom each day from 11:00 am- 1:00 pm. If students have any questions on where to find something or you need help, you can sign on! 

Students are able to access their Microsoft 365 accounts at home. If they go onto my OneNote, they can complete assignments or study for tests. Their logins are the first six letters of their last name, first and middle initial and 28@pwcs-edu.org. They should know their passwords. 

Below is our March Newsletter with our current areas of study. Also a list of websites that students can visit. 
SOL Sites

SOL Pass (Virginia Studies Review) (Username: Kyle Wilson ES, password: wilson
IXL - Math and Language Arts 
Studies Weekly 

Please have your students review and master their basic multiplication facts. I provided a website to practice math facts on the Useful Links page.


Fourth Grade Newsletter March .pdf

Online Resources.pdf

Daily Schedule
8:50-9:00 Arrival
9:00-9:15 Morning Work 
9:15-10:25 Language Arts 
10:30-11:15 Core Extension
11:15-11:30 Read Aloud 
 11:35-12:15 Encore 
12:20-12:50 Lunch
12:50-2:00 Math
2:00-2:30 Recess
2:30-3:15 VA Studies

Encore Schedule

 Day 1               Music
 Day 2 and 5       P.E.
 Day 3                 Art
 Day 4            Math Lab
 Day 6              Library
Calendar of Events