NOTE: All suggested activities posted are OPTIONAL. If you have any questions about resources listed, please contact me via email. I (nor PWCS) do not have any affiliation with resources mentioned below. These resources are not intended to replace speech-language therapy.

Articulation Practice

  • Articulation At Home - Suggestions on how to work on articulation sounds at home 
  • Articulation Calendar - One month of ideas on how to incorporate articulation practice with targeted speech sounds at home. Works for any phoneme (sound) that needs practice!
  • Articulation Calendar Challenge - One month of ideas to practice targeted speech sounds (organized by target sounds: /w/, /h/, /m/, /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /n/, /f/, /v/, /k/, /g/, /th/, /ch/, /sh/, "j", /s/, /z/, /l/, /r/). Spanish version of this calendar can be downloaded here: Articulation Calendar Challenge (SPANISH)
  • April Articulation Calendar: Encourage your child to practice targeted speech sounds while answering these questions
  • Vocalic-R Word list: Use this word list for practice with vocalic /r/ sounds in words. 
  • May Speech-Language Calendar: Practice "Cluster Reduction" exercises for articulation practice
  • Articulation Scavenger Hunt: Find any 10 items in your house. Say the name of each item paying careful attention to the sounds in each word. Give yourself 5 points for every item that contain one or more of your speech sounds.
  • Loud Read Aloud: Read your favorite book to someone. When you get to a word with one of your sounds in it, say that word louder than the rest. Make sure your articulators are moving the way they should be!
  • NEW! Summer Articulation Calendar 2020: Daily articulation activities for the months of June, July, and August

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Resources

  • AAC Vocabularies on a computer/laptop
    Visit these websites to access an AAC program on your computer for dynamic, interactive access: 
    • PRC NuVoice PASS software:
    The PASS software download allows you to run the various language configurations (i.e. Unity, UNIDAD, CoreScanner, LAMP Words for Life, WordPower, Essence) on your computer, all without having to use a device.
    • Saltillo ChatEditor:
    Chat Editor is a free Windows® companion software program that allows a clinician, teacher or parent to run various TouchChat vocabulary options (WordPower, NovaChat etc.) on your computer, without having to use a device.
  • CORE Vocabulary Picture cards: If you're interested in receiving digital copy of CORE vocabulary picture cards used for your child (if applicable), please send me an email. Due to licensing restrictions, I am unable to make these available here.
  • Eye Gaze Board: Manual eye gaze board with CORE vocabulary (LAMP Words for Life)
  • LAMP Words for Life: Manual communication board for LAMP Words for Life vocabulary
  • TouchChat-WordPower-Basic 60: Manual communication board for TouchChat with WordPower Basic 60 (with categories) vocabulary
  • TouchChat-WordPower-Basic 60 with flips: Manual communication book (flip-style) for TouchChat with WordPower Basic 60 SS (SymbolStix)
  • Training for AAC devices: Refer to "Useful Links" page for more information on various training offered by manufacturer of your child's AAC device (if applicable)
  • Word Sort (Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns): Using AAC device, fill in columns to practice motor sequencing for verbs, adjectives, and nouns
  • Play That Music: Print or No-print book to practice CORE vocabulary (play, turn, more, on, off, go, stop, that)
  • Go Away Big, Green Monster Labeling: Use this sheet to practice colors and facial body parts 
  • May CORE Vocabulary Words: 12 Core Vocabulary words to practice throughout the month of May
  • Come Out and Play Little Mouse: YouTube video of read aloud with TouchChat WordPower 88. Practice communicating CORE words your child's AAC device or low-tech manual boards
  • Come Out and Play Little Mouse: YouTube video of read aloud with LAMP Words For Life. Practice communicating CORE words your child's AAC device or low-tech manual boards
  • Here Are My Hands: YouTube video of read aloud with LAMP Words For Life. Practice communicating CORE words your child's AAC device or low-tech manual boards. 
  • Jumpstart AAC-June: Daily activities for month of June to practice CORE vocabulary
  • NEW! Social Stories for Healthy Practices: View these AAC resources for social stories on Washing Hands, Social Distancing, and If You Are Sick 

 Language Practice

Fluency (Stuttering) Practice

For child-specific questions regarding current IEP goals, please refer to your most recent copy of your child's IEP. If you need assistance with this or have any other questions, please contact your child's case manager.