Office Portal: access to Microsoft accounts by logging into the Office Portal and Clever 
Password: Same as their login

Raz-Kids: a reading software for students
Password: Same as their login 

IXL: language arts and math review activities
(Can be accessed through Clever)

Sheppard Software Review Games: a review game website

Flocabulary: songs to help students to remember all content areas
(Can log in through Clever using their Microsoft Account)

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.: videos for students to learn about different topics
Same username and password to login to their computer

Learn to Code: a place for students to learn how to code

ABCya! Review Games: games for students to practice their math and reading skills

Interactive Math Games: games and activities for students to play to increase their math knowledge

SOL Pass: SOL Review activities
School: Kyle Wilson Elementary
Password: wilson

ReadWorks: Reading practice for Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poems
Class Code: PNHMYW
Password: 1234

Scholastic News: News articles that have additional activities and videos
Class Code: lebling

PebbleGo: Research site for students
Username: kwilson
Password: school

FlipGrid: Online communication portal to hear read alouds, share ideas, and work with peers
Access is through Clever using Microsoft365 Account