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Welcome to Mrs. Kostan's class page! 

Contact me with any questions or concerns! 


  • Please stay tuned to all updated information from PWCS. They have been updating daily.


Our zoom meetings will be Tuesday and Thursdays from 10-11:00 each week. I will send out an invite with a password for each meeting.
10-10:30 will be a review lesson
10:30-11:00 will be "office hours". This will be a time set aside for questions.

This week is spring break! Enjoy your family time and we will resume our optional review sessions next week!!!! At this point we have only completed week 1 of the optional review schedule. I will send week 2 after spring break.

Happy Sunday!
I have added 6 weeks of
OPTIONAL UNGRADED practice resources to my files and documents on this web-page. I will also email the week's agenda to your email address. The agenda will contain hyperlinks to get to the things you need, however if for some reason these links don't work I am placing everything into the weeks folder on my web-page. Additionally, I have added a folder to my files and documents page with a writing choice board - offering ideas for writing prompts.  I will be emailing you invites to my zoom open hours for questions.
Stay safe and I miss you all!!!

I miss my students greatly!
This is a challenging time and I hope that you all realize I would love to hear from the students. Please let them know I check my email daily and will email them back if they would like to email me. If you, as parents, have any questions, need passwords or just want to share something the students are doing please email me as well. Relationships were a big part of our classroom environment and I would love to keep those going.

What are we learning? Below you will find a brief description of concepts we were learning about prior to break. As always, I will continue to keep this webpage updated weekly.

Reading:   We just finished our Non-Fiction unit and are about to begin poetry. Read 20 - 30 minutes per night, IXL Reading, SOL Pass Reading, and discuss evidence related to what has been read. Poetry practice is attached in files and documents under reading.

Math:   We started our unit on decimals. Students will be reading, writing, ordering and comparing decimal numbers. Next week we will begin adding and subtracting decimals.  IXL lessons T 1 -20  are a great resource to practice for this! It is valuable for students to practice their multiplication facts daily. There are games loaded under files and documents students can use to practice decimals.

Virginia Studies: We are beginning to explore the reconstruction period after the Civil War. SOL Pass is a great way for students to review these concepts as well as previously taught units in VA Studies.  You can print a study guide from my webpage.

Science: Students will use science time to learn about Measurement and estimation. They will learn both the customary and metric units.
IXL N 1, N3 and N12




Daily Schedule
 8:50 - 9:00   Arrival
 Rise & Shine work                                    
9:00 - 10:30 ELA (Reading and Writing)
10:30-11:15 Core Ext.
11:15-11:30 Read Aloud
11:30-12:20 ENCORE
12:35 - 1:05 Lunch
 1:05-1:25 Recess
 1:25-2:40 Math
 2:40-3:25  Virginia Studies/science
 3:25-3:40 Read To Self
 3:40 Dismissal

Encore Schedule
 Day 1        PE
 Day 2        library
 Day 3        music
 Day 4         PE 
 Day 5         Art   

Day 6        Math    

Calendar of Events
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All Day
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