Mrs. Schaefer Warm-up to The Body Rock

I can tie my own shoes video. You will need to copy and paste.

Mrs. Schaefers Locomotor Speedway

Mrs. Schaefers Coin Toss Game

Mrs. Schaefers Toss and catch

Unlock My Phone Game

Make your own Poi video

Sock Bocce and other cool game videos

Towel Fitness

Bean Bag Fitness

Mrs. Schaefer Speed and Agility lesson

Mrs. Schaefer Jumping, Hopping and Leaping

Mrs. Schaefer Muscle Madness
Virginia Health and Physical Education Standards of Learning


FitnessGram Assessment

Fitness Videos

Kids Workout Videos

Active Screen time

10 Day Virtual PE

Kids Heart Challenge Parent site

Activity Tracker Website


Inside integrated fitness Activity for kids


P.E. lessons and Ideas

Healthy Heart BINGO

25 Ways To Get Moving

Jump Rope Skills Videos
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