Language Arts: 
The students are beginning Unit 5: Poetry. With the cancellation of school, I have uploaded a suggested supports for unit 5 under the reading folder. These are free resources that your child can access during this time. Please make sure your child is reading at least 20 minutes everyday! 

We would have been finishing up our decimals unit during this week. Your child can practice decimals by going onto and then all of the decimal activities are T1-T20 and U1-U10. Your child can also practice fraction activities (P1-P24 and R1-R17). Please continue to have your child practice their multiplication facts. 

During writing we have been working on writing a research paper. Your child could continue working on researching something that interests them and writing a few paragraphs about this topic. 

Virginia Studies: 
We had just begun the Reconstruction unit. Your child can go onto and continue learning about this time period on there. They also can review past units on this site. 

​During science we have been working on measurement. We have so far covered estimation in customary and metric. This can be found on IXL as well (N3. N12, and also they can practice measuring with N.1). 

​I miss seeing my students! I hope that they are all enjoying their time at home. I have uploaded the suggested sites page that was previously emailed out and the Unit 5 suggested sites under the reading tab. Do not hesitate to email me with questions! Please continue to check your email as I will be emailing you through the Hub with suggestions and information as I receive it. 

Daily Schedule
9:00-10:30 Language Arts
10:30-11:20 Core Extension
11:20-11:35 Read A-loud
11:35-12:20 Encore
12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:20 Recess
1:20-2:35 Math
2:35-3:15 Social Studies/Science
3:15-3:40 Read to self
3:40 Dismissal 

Encore Schedule
 Day 1        Math Lab
 Day 2        PE
 Day 3        Library
 Day 4        Music
 Day 5        PE

Day 6           Art
Calendar of Events
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All Day
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