Tech FAQs
Posted on 09/02/2021

TECH FAQs for Families at KWES – includes common questions, Wi-Fi parking list, and contact info for help desk. 


  1. How does my child log into Canvas or Zoom? 
    1. Links and instructions (in multiple languages) can be found on PWCS website (Quick Link is on home page of every school also) 
    2. How do I setup my child’s zoom account?  Find directions here and video 


  1. How do I log in to my PWCS laptop? Find directions  here 


  1. My child's PWCS laptop is locked? Please wait 30 minutes from your last login attempt to try again 


4.     How do we login to the Zoom App on a PWCS device? See directions (pg.2) and video. 

    1. Open the Zoom Desktop App or the Zoom App on an iPad.  
      1.  Click Sign In  
      2.  Select Sign In with SSO 
      3.  The first time you login it will ask for a domain, please type in pwcs-zm-edu 
      4.  Sign in using your PWCS email ( and password. 
      5.  Watch this video to learn how to authenticate. 
  1. How do we prevent ‘pwcsstudent’ as my child’s name when in a Zoom meeting? You must login to the Zoom App on the device using the SSO login. See directions and video


6.      My school said to log into Canvas and Zoom through the “waffle” or Clever? 

    1. The “waffle” is the menu button with 9 dots in upper left-hand corner inside of Microsoft Office online. Once a child logs into Microsoft Office they click the “waffle” then “All apps” and Canvas and Clever are available.  


7.      How do we log into Microsoft Office 365? 

    1. Log-in using child’s PWCS email and password via  


8.      We forgot student username/email? 

It is available in ParentVue by clicking on “Student Info” - Find directions  here 


9.      We forgot student password?  

    1. Self-reset is easy on website  (student username and student number are needed – available in ParentVUE under Student Info)  


10.  We forgot ParentVue login? 

    1. Visit ParentVUE website for self-reset.  



11.  How can I change my child’s name on Zoom? 

    1. Please complete the Return to Learn Packet (instructions) and update the “Preferred Name” of student 


12.  I don’t have a ParentVUE account, how do I get one? 

    1. Contact Ms. Tre Morton at [email protected] 


13.  My child’s Office365, Canvas, Clever or Zoom login is not working?  Try resetting the password through password self- reset. If that does not work – email Ms. Lykins at [email protected]. 


14.  The sound on my child’s PWCS device is not working? Try doing a complete shutdown on the device (not a restart) to see if the sound restores. If not, please email our school’s Tech Specialist (TSSPEC) Mr. Ouden at [email protected]. 


15.  Our PWCS issued device is not working (black screen, shutting down, or any hardware-related issues)Please email our school’s Tech Specialist (TSSPEC) Mr. Ouden at [email protected] to remedy the issue or arrange an exchange of device. 


16.  If you are a family that has multiple children using the same device, it will be helpful to create separate chrome browsers for each child to keep their logins straight.  Here is a video showing you how this can be done. 


17.  Feel free to learn more about Canvas for Parents in this short course  (information about pairing codes and more) - here 

Log into Canvas here: 

to Configure PWCS Zoom here: 

Change your student password here:  PWCS Password Reset 

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